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I'm a freelance digital creative working in photography, graphic design, and the web.

Alternative Process Photographs

About the Process
This is a very old photographic process, which consists of two printing process’ – cyanotype and gum bichromate.  It’s even older than black and white silver gelatin printing (the darkroom)The prints start out as digital photographs or film scanned onto the computer. The photographs are printed on vellum as ‘negatives’. These ‘negatives’ are then put on top of watercolor paper, and with a light-source and chemicals a positive (cyanotype/blueprint) is made onto the paper. On top of the cyanotype 3-5 layers of gum bichromate are added. The gum bichromate process is chemicals with acrylic paint (any color of your choosing, but I chose browns) After multiple washings through water, drying & some hand coloring the prints are finished.

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